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Strombo Tribute to Streek? Or Physiological Illusion?


Heres what I know to be true.  I know CFNY / Edge 102.1 did not air The Strombo Show on Sunday. I know the other Corus radio stations who carry Strombo's show did air it as usual.

What I don't know, and I've tried to find out but failed, is whether The Strombo Show aired this past Sunday was live.  I can't say whether it was a rerun or a new episode.  It's quite possible George Stroumboulopoulos is on vacation, or simply taking a break after losing a good friend.

I received the email below from someone with similar questions.  This person has permitted me to post the email, so long as I keep him or her anonymous.

Hi, Mike,
Thanks for the sincere blogs over the last week. It's been helpful to visit an authentic forum.
I know from your post Sun. night that you didn't catch the strombo show, but have you heard anything about it since? I'm Brantford way and listened on fm96, where it aired at 5pm as usual.
Although I missed the beginning of the show, it seemed to me that George gave tribute via the playlist. There were some obscure tracks, some party tunes, some rebellion as usual. Not a lot of chitchat. The lyrics of the last set were striking to me and included a deathcab song (soul meets body), ac newman (prophets [which I heard at the time as "profits", given the current climate]), bedouin (walls fall down), and stones gimme shelter ended the show. He made a point of telling us to listen to the backup singer singing of rape and murder, and rather than playing through the whole song, ended the show directly after the backup singer blew out her voice singing "Murder" with such passion. That was the last word. Cut to commercial.
The statement seemed subtle and strong; he didn't give enough rope to hang himself with but if you knew what to listen for, the message was loud and clear.
So I wondered if I was reading too much into that (and was that even Strombo DJing? and was it a repeat show?) and waited for some kind of discussion online. Have you heard anymore about it? Do you have an opinion? I'd be interested in your thoughts.
**name removed**
PS - While I'm seeking opinions: this memorial at the Pheonix on Saturday - will Corus profit from that? Isn't it still a live-to-air cfny DJ'ed event? I'd love to go but have no intention of feeding the beast.

Very interesting... unless Sunday's show was a rerun.  Or are me and **name removed** reading entirely too much into the fact CFNY didn't air the first Strombo Show after Martin Streek's death?

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