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Toronto Mike Wants Patrick Sharp


I like this article from the Daily Herald.

The Blackhawks have talked to Toronto about Patrick Sharp, among other clubs, according to a team source.
Where those discussions go now is unclear, but what is clear is that players like Sharp ($4 million), Dustin Byfuglien ($3 million), Kris Versteeg ($3 million) and Cam Barker ($3 million) are available because a movable contract today may not be movable a year from now if the player doesn't perform next season.
And contracts will have to be moved before 2010-11, the result of the Hawks' bungled salary-cap situation that threatens the future of their young core.

ESPN says this:

As I wrote a short time ago, the Leafs have an abundance of defensemen and are lacking scoring. According to an article in the Toronto Star on Thursday, Leafs general manager Brian Burke also wants to bolster Toronto's penalty-killing unit.
According to, Burke mentioned he received a trade proposal for one of his defensemen Wednesday. He remarked the trade would require the Leafs to take on some salary, but they would receive a forward in return. He is also looking at free-agent possibilities.
"I want to make sure if we're down to our last three to five million dollars we want to spend the money wisely," Burke said.
The Blackhawks have a talented forward who will earn $3.9 million next year. Patrick Sharp's 26 goals would have led the Maple Leaf scorers for 2008-09. He would be an attractive option for Mr. Burke.

The Leafs desperately need young scorers up front.  Sharp would be a welcome additon.  Make it so, Mr. Burke.

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