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Enough is Enough: End the Civic Workers Strike


Firstly, I want Chuck to take note of how I'm now calling this a Toronto civic workers strike, not a garbage strike.  It's not just our garbage men and women who are on strike, it's a whole bunch of other city folk as well. Happy now, Chuck?

Having said that, it's the lack of garbage pick-up that has me losing my patience.  This afternoon I'm off to a BBQ to celebrate my brother's birthday.  Do you know what I'm bringing him?  I'm bringing him a garbage bag of organic waste that's been rotting away in my mud room.  He, unlike me, lives in Etobicoke where they're lucky enough to have contracted out their garbage pick-up.  They haven't missed a beat.  He can find room in his green bin for some of my refuse.

Although I really don't produce much waste, my wife and kids do. For almost a month I've been storing away garbage and recyclables while finding a home for my organic waste in temporary dumps and the homes of friends and family living in Etobicoke or Mississauga.  I'm tired of it.

Mayor David Miller and CUPE, let's make a deal.  Enough is enough.


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