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Radio Contest Winners Tell Their Stories


I got an interesting email from Race Coach the other day.  He had a couple of neat stories as to how he won prizes from CFNY / Edge 102.  Here's his email.

I was thinking it might be interesting to blog about prizes people have won at CFNY, err The Edge.  I don't bother trying to win prizes from the radio any more, but there was a time ....
1) I was washing my car out on the front lawn, listening to CFNY. The Live Earl Jive was on, and he just mentioned something between songs:  "If you see a CFNY cruiser with a wind surfer on top, stop and ask how to win it".  I didn't pay much attention.  But, later that day, I was heading to work at Ontario Place, along Lakeshore Blvd, and saw the cruiser parked in a gas station. I pulled a U-ee and rolled down my window. "How do you win that think?", I said.  "You just did", was the reply. That was the start of my windsurfing career.
2) The next one is a little vague. I remember going to a sporting event, in a box that was sponsored by CFNY.  I imagine I must have won something, just to get there.  Then, during the event, they drew names. The winners got to go to Winnipeg for a CFL game with Humble and Fred. Low and behold, I won (along with a bunch of other people). So, on a frigid, grey weekend a bunch of us flew to Winnipeg, sat outside on aluminum seats, froze out nuts off and watched a bad game of football. It was AWESOME!  Humble and Fred were great hosts, and made the event particularly fun.

I've never won a radio contest, but I've never called in to win, which may explain my futility.  I did win Jays tickets and an invitation to 680 CFTR's Pizza Pizza pre-game party, but that wasn't through the radio.  That's a neat story you can read here.

I'm interested to know who out there has won anything interesting from a radio contest and how it all went down.  Share in the comments!

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