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Massive Edgefest Mudslide at Downsview Park


In my Edgefest 2009 recap, I promised I'd write further about the massive mudslide that grew from the Downsview Park mud yesterday.  I've been to six Edgefests and several Molson Park festival-style gigs, and when you've got acres of field, thousands of youngsters and rain, you get mud.  And when you have mud, you inevitably get a giant wet banana-like mudslide.

I was parked beside the biggest mud pit, so I watched it evolve.  At first it's a couple of guys who take the plunge, then others conger up the bravado, eventually a girl or two will join in, and like a page from Lord of the Flies, it often results in mud throwing at innocent concert goers, or worse, the dragging of non-consenting spectators into the pit.

I saw that happen several times.  Someone would get too close to the pit, the mudders would target him or her, and force 'em in the mud.  I'm always surprised the instigators don't get clocked.

From Woodstock to Edgefest, mud slides are a part of music festival lore, and I would have been disappointed if I didn't stumble upon one yesterday.  Here are some pictures I took and a video.

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