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Humble's a Lousy Blogger, But a Great Tweeter


A few years ago, I built Humble Howard a blog at and taught him how to use it. As the years went by, his posts were less and less frequent and you could tell he was starting to mail it in.  Humble's a fine radio personality and host, but a lousy blogger.

He's recently taken to Twitter and he's damn good at that.  He's a much better tweeter than blogger, so I recently added his most recent tweets to his site so there's actually updated content there.

Here are a few of Humble's recent tweets that had me chuckling.

Ed McMahon died which is sad because he never got a chance to punch Perez Hilton. Damm you grim reaper!
Happy Fathers Day. Like all Dads today, I'll be getting high and stopping into my local rub N tug and uh, sorry that's Daddy's inside voice!
Welcome to Wednesday. I just realized that if I play my cards right it'll soon be Thursday and I can begin my pre-weekend drinking. Yum!
Just had a flat tire near Gravenhurst. This the part in the movie where I'm eaten by hillbilly cannibals.

Give the man any more than 140 characters, and he folds like a cheap suit.  Follow Humble on Twitter at and follow yours truly at

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