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Garbage Strike, What To Do


I remember an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati where there was a garbage strike in Cincinnati during a hot summer and Dr. Johnny Fever told his listeners to take their garbage down to City Hall.  We're being asked not to do that.

24,000 City of Toronto workers are now on strike, meaning garbage collection has stopped and daycare services have been shut down. I no longer require daycare services, but I do produce garbage.  It's actually not the garbage I'm worried about, it's the green bin.  That's where the stinky stuff goes, and our green bin is filled to the brim every week.  The City of Toronto has drop-off locations if your green bin overfloweth.  Here's what I extracted from

Garbage drop-off locations
   Transfer Stations
 Two transfer stations will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accept both residential and commercial garbage:
 Bermondsey Transfer Station
 188 Bermondsey Rd
 (Eglinton Ave. E. & Victoria Park Ave. area)
 Ingram Transfer Station
 50 Ingram Dr
 (Keele St. & Eglinton Ave. W. area)
  • All residential waste will be accepted free of charge. All must be double-bagged.  
  • Yellow bag customers may deliver their waste to a transfer station  free of charge and without use of yellow bags. Proof of registration in  the yellow bag program is required.  
  • All other commercial waste must be weighed and will be subject to a  $100 per tonne tip fee. All odorous commercial waste must be double  bagged.
In addition, five transfer stations will be open 12 hours a day,  from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week, to accept both residential  and commercial garbage. Remember to double bag.

Disco Transfer Station
       120 Disco Rd
       (Dixon Rd. & Carlingview Dr area)

Dufferin Transfer Station
           35 Vanley Cr
           (Chesswood Dr & Sheppard Ave. W. area)

Victoria Park Transfer Station
           3350 Victoria Park Ave
           (Victoria Park Ave & Finch Ave. E. area)

Commissioners Street Transfer Station
       400 Commissioners St
       (Lake Shore Blvd. E. & Logan Ave area)

Scarborough Transfer Station
           1 Transfer Pl
           (Markham Rd & Sheppard Ave. E. area)

Additional residential drop-off locations will be announced should the labour disruption continue for more than five days.

I'm told by friends and family in Etobicoke that their garbage is contracted out so they'll get their garbage picked up.  Maybe I'll just haul my bins over to my bro's!

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