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Fun! Toronto Style (Now With Photoshop)

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Andrew (with the capital "A", not the commenter with the small "a"), directed my attention to Mike Stafford's latest blog entry.

As Mike writes:

The smiling, ethnically diverse family featured on the cover of Toronto's latest edition of its summer Fun Guide was digitally altered to make the photo more "inclusive," which city officials say is in keeping with a policy to reflect diversity. Judging by the father's gaze, the policy must also reflect a high level of creepiness!

Here's that cover:

Toronto Fun NEW

As Andrew pointed out, it's reminiscent of an Onion bit.

In the spirit of celebrating diversity at Iowa State University, a black guy was digitally added to the cover of the school's 2001 spring-semester course catalog, school officials announced Monday.

Our beloved city is now ripping punchlines from the Onion's grasp.  Has it really come to this, Toronto?

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