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COED Magazine Picks Up On The Party Playlist


A couple of days ago I wrote about the attention my Best. Party. Playlist. Ever entry was getting thanks to Stumbleupon.  I've had to explain myself in the comments of that entry because thousands and thousands of people were dropping by and now think I'm quite the loser for thinking that's the best music out there.  It was a corporate retreat, it was designed for the masses and it was meant to be chock full of guilty pleasures, I swear!

I'm still seeing all this extra Stumbleupon traffic over there, but now there's a new source.  Something called COED Magazine is asking if it's the best party playlist ever.  That question is currently on their home page, making me look like a total douche bag to a whole new crop of web surfers.

This is a good lesson for bloggers out there.  Be careful what you post and in what context it's posted, because you just never know what's going to go viral in this day and age.

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