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Up: 9 out of 10.

When I saw WALL-E last summer, I called it my favourite film from Pixar, and that was really sayin' something.  All the Pixar films are pretty damn good.  Last night, I saw Up in 3D and I'm ready to declare it my new favourite Pixar movie.

It's totally hilarous, tender and sweet and it looked great.  I saw Bolt in 3D and left feeling it was okay, but there's Pixar and there's Pixaren't.  This is Pixar, and there's a world of difference.  A great movie like this doesn't need 3D, but that extra depth was pretty cool as we drifted through the clouds.

Not only did I absolutely adore Up, but the opening short, Partly Cloudy, was tremendous as well.  Funny, sweet and great looking.

I didn't think Pixar could top Wall-E but they did.  I smell a best picture nomination, unless that's my post-viewing buzz talkin'.

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