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There's a Voyageurs Cup? And I'll Be There?


Checking my RSS feed moments ago, I learnt I was going to the TFC's second Voyageurs Cup.

That's right people - Toronto Mike is going to the TFC's second Voyageurs Cup home game with yours truly on Wednesday, May 13th.
We'll be taking in the match against the defending champion Montreal Impact. He'll likely want to Twitter but he'll do so at his own peril as we'll be in Section 113, Row 17 - smack in the middle of the Supporter section in the south end.
I'm preparing notes for TMike so he'll know all the background on this important match - hopefully he can then sound somewhat smart on Twitter...if that's possible...

Elvis, the guy behind My Morning Expresso, took me to my first TFC game last summer and I loved it.  Not only am I really not a soccer guy, but I've yet to play a single soccer match in my lifetime, something my son can't even claim.  Even my four year old daughter will be playing soccer later this month.  I just missed the soccer boat.

But I loved the crowd and TFC ambiance.  I can't wait to go back next week.  I'll just read up on this Voyageurs Cup thing and try and remember what to chant and when to chant it.  If you're at the game, I'll be the guy in red.

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