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How I Scored a Copy of the Elusive Hang On Blue Jays Song


Whether you're an old school Toronto Blue Jays fan or not, I think this makes for a pretty cool story.  In other words, you're all ordered to read this entry, whether you give a lick about baseball or not.

It started when I wrote a tweet via Twitter about Ok Blue Jays.  That tweet became my Facebook status, thanks to a recent change I made to my Facebook account.  Here's that initial tweet.

@ShineBrightBear Ha, you're tweeting #1 in Google for 'Ok Blue Jays'!

My softball buddy Chuck, running the Mississauga Marathon next week, saw my Facebook status and threatened to load his iPod with old school Blue Jays songs.  He reminded me of "Hang On Blue Jays", a Jays song I remember from the early 80s.  It was to the tune of "Hang On Sloopy" and I used to hear it at Exhibition Stadium.  I haven't heard it in over twenty years and I was aching to hear it once more.  I needed to track down a copy.

Back to Twitter... I wrote the following tweet about 21 hours ago.

Actively searching for 80s Blue Jays parody song "Hang On Blue Jays" - the tune is "Hang On Sloopy", anyone have this MP3?

Iain Grant, Producer of The Bill Carroll Show on Newstalk 1010 CFRB, follows me on Twitter, and he quickly replied.

@torontomike it was the guys at CHFI that put "Hang on Blue Jays" together. Paul Husiak @ Astral may know, I'll ask tomorrow.

Then, this morning, an email from Iain Grant hit my inbox.

I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for :).  Paul Husiak, one of our engineers and I were at 'FI when it was recorded.

Here's the forwarded message from Paul Husiak that accompanied the MP3 I wanted.

Yes, I was at CHFI from 82 to 88.
I sang lead vocal, backing vocals, and played guitars and bass on it.
Fuzzy (John Howard) produced it and played keyboard.
Brian Master played drums
Bob Komsic, and Sharon Edwards and others sang backing vocals.
(attached is a dub of the only physical copy that I know exists - an old crappy cassette dub I still have somewhere.)

And that's how I scored the only copy of "Hang On Blue Jays", a Blue Jays novelty song from 1982 or 1983 that was never released and has absolutely no web presence to speak of... until now.

Yes, I will share this golden oldie soon.  Over top the song is a great spoken piece by Howard Cosell and then introductions of our starting lineup... Willie Upshaw, Damaso Garcia, Alfredo Griffin, Garth Iorg, Cliff Johnson, Ernie Whitt, Dave Collins, Lloyd Moseby and Barry Bonnell.  Yes, I said Barry Bonnell.

I love the interwebs.

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