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The Plan For Tomorrow


Here's how the 20th Anniversary Humble and Fred Podcast of Memories is going to go down tomorrow.

Humble and Fred will run the podcast, which will get underway around 2pm at Dominion on Queen.  If you're dropping by to join in the fun, here's a map.  It's at Queen and Sumach streets here in Toronto.  I'd get there for 1:30pm.

Humble and Fred will do their thing, complete with special guests.  It will be a romp through the history of the Humble and Fred morning show and should be a blast for those of us who woke up to CFNY throughout the 90s.

Dan Duran will produce the show, assuming his lap top can handle his audio recording software.  He'll record it, clean it up, package it up and produce an MP3 file.  That's where I come in...

Dan will get me that MP3 and I'll set it free into the wild.  We've done this before.  I'll host the MP3 somewhere (I'm still not sure where as Odeo won't let me upload anymore), update the XML file that you can subscribe to in iTunes or whatever (, create a streamable M3U file, let you download the MP3 to your desktop and make it playable online.  Come back here for details as to when you can hear the podcast or follow me on Twitter.

See ya tomorrow.  This will be fun.

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