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Jim Balsillie and the Phoenix Coyotes


Jim Balsillie has lots of money, wants to own an NHL team and wants to move it to southern Ontario.  That same Jim Balsillie confirmed Tuesday that he has offered to pay $212.5 million US to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes on the condition that the bankrupt team relocate to southern Ontario.  That's deserving of another entry alongside this one about his team in Cambridge and this one about his team in Hamilton.

I was listening to The Fan 590 when Bob McCown broke the news, and that prompted this tweet.  The Coyotes moving to southern Ontario makes so much sense I can't see it happening.  Maybe it's the natural once bitten (in this case, twice bitten), twice shy reaction.

Balsillie's not naming specific city names, so I'm going to guess he's looking at Vaughn, the city above Toronto.  Can this happen?

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