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@MayorMiller Tweets TFC, Risks Pounding By Supporters


The Marlies and Toronto FC play next door to each other on the Exhibition grounds.  Today, the Toronto FC game started at 4pm and the Marlies started at 5pm.  I like to tweet via Twitter during Marlies games, and apparently Toronto Mayor David Miller likes to tweet during TFC games, because that's how I got my TFC updates while watching the Marlies tangle with the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Elvis, a good friend and frequent commenter here, is an avid TFC fan with season's tickets.  He took me to my first game last summer, and he'll take me to my second this summer.  He has one rule, however, a rule apparently shared by TFC supporters.  If you tweet the game, you risk a beating.

I told Elvis @mayormiller was tweeting the game and if @mayormiller can tweet during a TFC game, so could @torontomike.  Apparently, @mayormiller can't tweet during TFC games and him doing so has alienated him from true TFC supporters.  I won't repeat what Elvis called him, but it's worse than the label Freddie P once put on our fearless leader.

By the way, TFC tied their match 1-1 and the Marlies tied their game 1-1 with a Bates Battaglia goal with 11.1 seconds remaining in the 3rd period.  @mayormiller tweeted one game, @torontomike tweeted the other.  Only one of us risked getting his ass kicked as a result.

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