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Bring Kiss To Peterborough


You have homework.  My buddy Fred wants to bring Kiss to Peterborough.  In his words:

Kiss is holding an on-line contest that will determine 40 dates on their upcoming tour and the way its set up, absolutely any town, village or hamlet in North America could host a concert.
It's being done on a per-capita basis. In other words, one vote out of Peterborough could be worth a thousand out of Toronto.

Voting for Peterborough requires going to this site and voting for the city, but I think I've found an easier way.  I think they're tabulating scores based on visits to the unique landing page set up for each town, village or hamlet.  I think you can actually cast a vote for Peterborough by simply clicking this link.

Pay a quick visit to and help a bugger out.  Even though I once labelled this band the most overrated ever.

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