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Blue Jays Songs: The Music of Summers Past


The Toronto Blue Jays home opener is tomorrow.  I won't be at the game, because I'll be busy earning my Father of the Year award, but more on that later.

I've written a ton about how much this team meant to me from 1983 through 1993.  I clung to every inning during the Drive of '85 while worshipping George Bell, Dave Stieb, Tony Fernandez and the like.  Every year at this time, I get that tingly sensation.  It's the thrill of the grass, and it all begins now.

In honour of another new Blue Jays season, here's a whole bunch of old school Blue Jays songs I've shared over the past seven years of blogging.  Throughout the season, I'll share more.  If you remember Kelly Gruber's fog grandslam, George Bell's opening day trifecta of homers or those 9th inning two out singles Dave Stieb gave up, you'll love this.

OK Blue Jays (Let's Play Ball!) - Keith Hampshire w/ The Bat Boys

Originally shared at OK Blue Jays (Let's Play Ball!).

The Ballad of Tom Henke - Section 15 Orchestra

Originally shared at The Ballad of Tom Henke.

Help Us Mookie - The Kokomo Beach Band

Originally shared at Help Us Mookie.

We Got The Blue Jays (R.B.I. Single Version) - Home Run

Originally shared at Home Run - We Got The Blue Jays (R.B.I. Single Version).

The Blue Jays Rap - The Variety Club Rap Gang

Originally shared at The Blue Jays Rap.

Sunny Jays - Fred Patterson & the 102 Crew

Originally shared at Freddie P's Goohead Jays Song.

Jays to the Top - Humble Howard

Originally shared at Jays to the Top.

Doin' It Right (On the Jays Side Of Town) - Jake Edwards & the Q-Jays

Originally shared at Doin' It Right (On the Jays Side Of Town).

Come On, Let's Go (All The Way Blue Jays) - The CJCL All-Stars

Originally shared at Come On, Let's Go (All The Way Blue Jays).

Do It Again, Blue Jays! - Tom Cheek & Jerry Howarth

Originally shared at Do It Again, Blue Jays!.

Shaker's Rap - Lloyd Moseby

Originally shared at Shaker's Rap - It's Lloyd Moseby Time.

If you enjoyed these Blue Jays songs, you'll love listening to my favourite Tom Cheek calls.

Ok Blue Jays, let's play ball!

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