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Olaf Kolzig, Jamie Heward and Andy Rogers are Maple Leafs


Stop the presses, we're not quite done yet.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired G Olaf Kolzig, D Jamie Heward, D Andy Rogers and a fourth-round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for prospect D Richard Petiot.

Where do I start... firstly, I've seen a bunch of Marlies games up close this year, and I know Richard Petiot.  I like him, but I actually thought Staffan Kronwall was better, and we let Kronwall go for nothing.

As for the players coming to Toronto, Olaf Kolzig is the biggest name, but he's pushing 40.  And didn't we just pick up Martin Gerber?  And did we need more back-up goaltenders?  We've already got Cujo and Pogge.  We now have four back-ups and zero starters.

Jamie Heward is a former Leaf who recently played in Russia.  Andy Rogers is a youngster who will likely suit up for the Marlies in place of Petiot.  That gives us two Marlies named Rogers  (Kyle Rogers is the other) making me wonder if Marlies sponsor Rogers is behind this wacky trade.

Will someone in front of a television explain this one for me?  Please...

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