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Norris Division Action from the Greys

Ticket Stub

In the mid-80s, my parents made sure we kids each got to at least one Leafs game a year at Maple Leaf Gardens.  A teacher my mom worked with had season's tickets and he would sell a few pairs to us each year.

They were seats 11 and 12 of Section 94, Row A.  That's in the Greys, if you remember Maple Leaf Gardens.  The Greys were the worst seats in the house, but we got to sit in the first row of the Greys, which was the best of the worst.

The ticket owner, naturally, kept all the good games for himself.  He wouldn't sell Saturday night games, or games against good teams.  That meant we saw a lot of the Norris Division growing up.  Just about every game I saw from 1985 through 1989 involved the Black Hawks, North Stars, Blues or Red Wings.

The most cherished tickets at the time were games against Wayne Gretzky's Oilers and our arch rivals, the Montreal Canadiens.  In a sweet coincidence, I've only seen two Leaf games at the ACC this season.  They were against the Canadiens and Oilers.

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