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Indie-Mainstream Blogs Never Scaled in Toronto


I enjoy following Scroll on Twitter because he's always thinking aloud about the new media and traditional media and how the two should coexist.  Earlier today, he made the following tweet:

I will peg the current number of active Twittererers in the Greater Toronto Area at 8,000; too high/low/what?

I actually think 8,000 is a pretty good guess.  I took Scroll's opening and threw him a question I've been pondering since September.  How many active blogs are there in the GTA?  Scroll responded:

@torontomike no way the number in Toronto who actively maintained a decent hobby blog ever passed 500; trumped by Facebook; now must be <100

Scroll thinks there are less than a 100 active bloggers in the GTA.  Why so few?

@torontomike always lots of fiddling or niches but the # doing it as an indie-mainstream "broadcast" never scaled here; maybe mommy bloggers

I'm glad I hedged my bets by picking up

It's time for a census.  GTA bloggers, post your links below!

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