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Possum Kingdom is About a Rape


I received an email the other day about "Possum Kingdom", a great little song from the Toadies that I put on SLS4.

Back in the day, I used to run  I stopped actively caring for the site a couple of years ago because something had to give, and the SLS site was that something.  One of the songs that sparked a great debate over there was "Possum Kingdom."

Here's the email I received.

ah, boon - re toadies possum kingdom

all these years later and people STILL are carrying on about "vampire" "no, murderer".

as for the "actual events" that "took place" at "possum kingdom lake"  in texas - - go google it.  anyone.  you will find nothing.

btw - the links to previous pages are not working, which may account  for the frothing and spewing by Impugn.  and which may frustrate anyone  trying to follow the previous, invigorating, silly discussion - it  contains even born-agains and extra terrestrials, if memory serves.

here to end the controversy, a citation from

"I am from Graham, Tx. Its about ten minutes from Possum Kingdom lake.  There were no murders, and Possum kingdom is not a place in Texas. The  song is about a single rape that happend in the 90's.
- Andrew, Graham, TX"

and you thought the toadies were more imaginative than that!

so if you are DESPERATE to find out the truth, contact these people:

Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce
362 N. FM 2353
Possum Kingdom Lake
Graford, TX 76449

940.779.2424 (Local)
888.779.8330 (Toll Free)
FAX 940.779.4631

you can be sure that any chamber of commerce worth its salt would capitalize on such a popular song! such a big hit!

Yes, many thought this song was about vampires, or a murder.  You can see the debate, started in 2003, over here.

Here's that great tune.

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