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Front Row at Richoh to Watch the Marlies


I've got a sweet thing going with the Marlies.  They leave me tickets and concession stand coupons and I basically sit wherever I want at the Ricoh Coliseum.  Today I took my brother Steve to his first Toronto Marlies game.

You know it's a fun afternoon when you can enjoy a 6-3 loss as much as we enjoyed this one.  Front row seats, Doug Gilmour bobblehead dolls, luke warm hot dogs, five fights and Justin Pogge.  Let's discuss this Pogge fellow further...

Pogge is a big draw for us.  Even as his shine loses its luster, we remember that World Junior Championship and his promise.  We want him to make it so badly.  The fact is, after seeing him up close several times, he's good for a couple of weak goals every game he plays and he just doesn't seem to have the make-up of an NHL starting goaltender.  My hockey senses tell me he'll play less than 50 NHL games in his career, but my heart remains blissfully ignorant.

This afternoon, Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask recorded a 34-save shutout.  You'll recall we chose Pogge over Rask when we traded Rask for Raycroft a few years back.  Rask is now recording NHL shutous and Pogge is making 15 saves in an AHL 6-3 loss.

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