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Returning to Normal


I'm a fan of routines.  On Thursday morning I was bussed up to Horseshoe Valley ski resort for a couple of days of corporate brainwashing in the guise of purely awesome fun.

They cover all meals, give you your own room, give you ski / snowboarding / tubing passes, but you have to attend some "let's kick ass in 2009 speeches" along the way.  The highlight was the crazy Thursday night après-ski party with music supplied by yours truly.

I figured since this was a work thing, I'd leave songs with swears off the playlist.  That reduced my options by about 50%.  Then, I put together 5 hours of music that would get the masses on the dance floor.  I ran the playlist off my iPod Touch, docked in a SoundDock Series II system, and I killed at this task.  Best. Party. Playlist. Ever.

After hockey last night (in which I scored two nice goals) and again this morning, I'm ready for a return to normalcy.  I miss my nice 'ol routine.

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