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One Week Later


It's been a week since I separated my shoulder playing hockey. This is my first experience with a separated shoulder, so I'm throwing down notes about the first week after.

The first few days were the worst.  I took the percocets every 4-6 hours just to stay ahead of the pain.  There was one position that had little pain but any other movement of my left arm and I was hit with a sharp pain.  Sleeping was tough, because I had to stay on my back when every instinct encouraged me to sleep on my side.

By Tuesday I could sense the pain was dulling, at least when I was just lounging around.  I also had another inch or two of movement with my left arm.  I still couldn't put on my socks or touch my head, but my range of motion was definitely improving.

By Thursday I felt like I could drive into the office.  It's sore, like a deep bruise, and I don't even think about testing my limited range of use, but it's getting better.  Tonight is hockey, which I'm obviously missing,  but at this pace it's not unreasonable to expect that I could play in a month.

Until then, it's day-by-day.

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