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Foot Fracturer Becomes Healer


I suppose if you're going to write almost 10,000 entries, you're bound to cover a lot of bases.  A couple of years ago, I wrote about the day I fractured my left foot and named the school mate who put me in a cast for six weeks.  I was in grade three, so we're looking at 1983 or so.

Earlier today, this foot fracturer stumbled upon that entry.  Here's the comment he left.

hey Mike!...I do remember that as you told in your prob with the leg now?..Ironically, I am a Registered Nurse at Sunnybrook....hope your well>>Fergus Kelly

I left a comment in response.

Well, well, well.... if it isn't the man who broke my leg!
All is well... I know it was an accident and it's fine now. True irony would have been if you were a registered nurse at St. Joseph's and had treated my separated shoulder last week.
Now that would have been a story worthy of O Henry.
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