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Alan Parker is a jounalist with the Toronto Sun who blogs at Nosey Parker. Today he wrote about Toronto Mike.

Toronto Mike is a very interesting — and very nice — guy who writes a wonderful, informative daily blog about things in this city and around the world that interest him — and will probably interest you too.
If you go to, here are some of the recent posts you’ll find: An MP3 upload of Nina Simone singing Feeling Good, Toronto Mike feeling bad about Justin Pogge’s nightmare in goal, a requiem for author John Updike, a very funny parody of Leafs GM Brian Burke running the team via Twitter, and an inquiry into the mystery of why CBC Radio’s Andy Barrie is off the air for two months.
All good, all interesting.
But the Toronto Mike blog I like best — and one that really stirs people up — is a post he did in honour of Canada Day 2007. After long consideration and due diligence, Mike came up with his definitive list of the Top 100 Canadian Songs.
It’s a great list, but one that drives everyone else batty, both because of the ranking he gives individual songs and because of the songs that are missing from the list.

There's more.  Alan goes on to questions some of my choices and omissions and then asks his readers to send him their top ten Canadian tunes for a little contest he's running.

Here's my Top 100 Canadian Songs entry Alan is referring to.  We're only a year and a half removed from then and already I see a few changes I'd like to make.

Them there's some kind words from Nosey Parker.  I told you I was both interesting and nice.

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