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Prorogue - Your Word of the Day


Hey kids, today's word of the day is prorogue. It's quite possible you've never heard this word before, so you'll want to read on so you don't feel dumb while watching CBC Newsworld tonight.


tr.v., -rogued, -rogu·ing, -rogues.

  1. To discontinue a session of (a parliament, for example).
  2. To postpone; defer.


A prorogation is the period between two sessions of a legislative body. When a legislature or parliament is prorogued, it is still constituted (that is, all members remain as members and a general election is not necessary), but all orders of the body (bills, motions, etc.) are expunged. (In the British parliament, this has now changed somewhat in that Public Bills can be carried over from one session to another.)
In the British and Canadian parliamentary systems, this is usually due to the completion of the agenda set forth in the Speech from the Throne (in the UK, called the legislative programme, and also "the Queen's Speech"). Legislatures and parliaments, once prorogued, remain in recess until summoned again by the Queen, Governor General, or Lieutenant Governor, and a new session is begun with the State Opening of Parliament and the Speech from the Throne.

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean has granted a request from Stephen Harper to prorogue Parliament until late next month, a move that avoids a confidence vote set for Monday that could would have toppled his minority government.

We got prorogued.

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