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Twenty years ago, most of my music was on cassette tapes.  When I wanted to take my music with me, I'd actually put the tape in a dual cassette deck boombox, cue it up, place a cued up blank cassette in the other deck and simultaneously press play and record.  Then, when my song was finished, I'd pause the blank tape and cue up another song in the other deck.  It was a lengthy procedure, and the end result was maybe 60 minutes of music I could throw in my Walkman.  I then had to listen to the music in the order I put them, because fast-forwarding was such a pain in the ass.

Today we have it awesome.  I've got hundreds and hundreds of complete albums digitized and one click away.  I can throw together playlists in seconds, play them in whatever order I want, or shuffle 'em.  I can jump around the song, see the album cover and I can have thousands of songs on a device a great deal smaller than my Walkman ever was.  It's amazing.

I can share similar tales about phones, the Internet, email, television and banking.  Everything is amazing, but nobody's happy.  The more we have, the more we want.  The quicker we get it, the more demanding we become.

Louis CK says it below, way better than I ever could.

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