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Californication Does Nirvana and Pearl Jam


I call it the show I love to hate.  Californication is a David Duchovny series my wife and I watch and it drives me batty.  It's so damn contrived and cringe inducing.  It's that guy you know who tries so bloody hard to be cool, he's anything but.

We just watched the latest episode and it was surprisingly decent.  I'd say it's the most watchable of the 22 eps I've seen.  It also included songs from two of my favourite bands of all time: Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

"Heart Shaped Box" played during a flashback scene to the day Kurt's body was discovered and "Nothingman" played during another flashback to later that same week in 1994. It wasn't long ago that tunes from these two bands were off limits for film, television and commercial licensing.  That's obviously no longer the case.

The first time I remember hearing a Nirvana song used for such a purpose was a Six Feet Under episode from the last season when “All Apologies” played in a flashback scene in which Nate Fisher talked about Cobain’s death.  Now that Courtney has sold out to Primary Wave it seems Nirvana is showing up in video games, television shows and, any day now, a shampoo or jeans commercial.

Here's that awesome scene from Six Feet Under, a series I miss more and more each time I watch Californication.

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