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Hey, remember Toronto One?  I just hit up the archives to throw down something from five years ago when I saw this entry I wrote five years ago tomorrow.

A producer for Toronto Tonight had asked me if I was interested in appearing on their program.  The program aired on a new station known as Toronto One and was accessible here in Toronto on channel 15.  I declined the invitation, because I didn't think I could pull of appearing as someone who viewed Star Wars as his religion.

Toronto One arrived and left in the blink of an eye.  It was sold by Craig Media to CHUM Limited and then to Quebecor Media.  It was re-launched as SUN TV during the summer of 2005, thus ending the brief life of Toronto One.

SUN TV's slogan is "Fun to Watch" which I find ironic considering it's home to the crappiest of crappy television and rather painful to watch.  Still, Toronto One had good taste in potential panel guests for Toronto Tonight.

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