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Sundin Trashes Toronto: Toronto Mike Exclusive!


Reports have GM Cliff Fletcher or Special Assistant to the GM Joe Nieuwendyk sitting down in L.A. to talk with Mats Sundin about his return to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In a Toronto Mike exclusive, I wouldn't bet on Mats playing another game with the Leafs.  Here's what I know...

VegasGeoff is a frequent commenter on this blog and he works at a coffee shop in Las Vegas.  On the day of the Carlo Colaiacovo and Alex Steen trade for Lee Stempniak he left the following comment on my entry about that trade.

So, guess who I heard this news from this morning? Mats Sundin!
I work in a coffee shop down here in Vegas, and when I turned around to help a customer, I was shocked to see it was Mats himself. He's down here vacationing with his parents and wife, and was ordering coffee for them all. I told him I was a huge Leaf fan, originally from Toronto, and we chatted while his coffee was being made. He told me about the trade, made a comment about the team that I won't post here, and just chuckled when I asked him if we'd see him back this year. I told him I wasn't going to run and spill the beans to the Sun, but he wouldn't give up any info.

I pressed VegasGeoff to reveal the statement Mats Sundin made to him in the coffee shop that morning, and I can now divulge that information.  Mats Sundin said "Toronto is going to shit, man."

MLSE can keep those Mats Sundin jerseys at their discounted price.  #13 will not retire a Maple Leaf.

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