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New Google Search Doesn't Make Me Smile


The joke at work is that I'm a Google bigot.  I'm the only one who found a way to kick Outlook to the curb so I could live in Gmail.  I prefer to Gtalk over MSNing.  I won't tell you how much money I spend with Google Adwords, but it's a small fortune.  Google gets it, from their maps to their docs and spreadsheets, I'm a fan.

Today I saw Google unveiled a new search for those of us logged in with a Google account.  You can leave comments on results, promote results, remove results and whole bunch of stuff.  As a test, I Googled toronto blog and promoted my own site, organically ranked #3 overall.  This was my first mistake.

Here's the new result when I'm logged into Google, something that's true 100% of the time I'm surfing the web.

logged in google

And here's the results for the same search when I'm not logged into Google - I actually switched to Google's Chrome browser to take this screen cap.

organic google

I hate not seeing the organic results.  I hate the new clutter in my search results.  I miss the old Google, the one I used earlier this week.

The new Gmail themes made me smile.  This new search doesn't.  I just wish there was a button I could press to return to classic Google, the one we all know and love.

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