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How I Saw A Crappy Movie


I'm very careful as to which movies I see in theatres.  I try and see movies I'm pretty certain I'm going to enjoy, not only because I don't want to waste the money, but because nothing irks me more than wasting two hours of my life watching a piece of crap.

Back in March I wrote this entry about the AMC Yonge and Dundas and scored myself a bunch of free movie passes.  They weren't just movie passes but they included free popcorn and drinks too.  It was a sweet deal, but they expire this week and I had four left.  There was no way I was going to burn four free movie passes.

The plan was for the entire family to catch a film tonight, but my wife and daughter had seen the only G rated film playing.  It was something about chihuahuas... That meant we had to pick a PG film and the only one that was even close to family friendly was Four Christmases.  Long story short, the four of us ended up catching Four Christmases tonight at the AMC Yonge and Dundas.

It's the first non G-rated film I've ever taken the kids to and there were two scenes that required my patented distraction maneuver.  If you're curious, that involves me leaning into James and asking him questions about school, hockey or whatever.  He completely loses focus on the screen and dialogue and remains blessedly innocent.

And yes, Four Christmases is bad.  I'll review it tomorrow with all the gory details.  It's the worst movie I've seen in a theatre in about a decade.  I now happily return to my "only see good movies in theatre" policy.

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