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One Show Makes Me Laugh, The Other Makes Me Cringe


Last night, I watched the third episodes of a couple of shows that air here on The Movie Network. I watch them On Demand, which I find awfully convenient, and one is three-for-three in terms of making me laugh while the other is three-for-three in terms of making me cringe.

The Life & Times of Tim

This is a new animated HBO show and it's pretty damn funny.  If you get TMN, you've got to give this one a shot.

Basically, this Tim guy keeps finding him self in awkward situations, and the tone is perfect.  Here's a taste.


I'm not sure why I watch this show as I hate it. Heck, I hated it last season. I think I watch it because of the aforementioned convenience and because my wife likes it and is willing to listen to be complain about how cringe-inducing it is.

I watch and I cringe.  I average about 20 cringes an episode, and they're only 30-minutes each.  It's embarrassing really, but I seem to return week after week.

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