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Fred Embraces Canna Lilly


In what can only be described as a virtual online battle royale, I'm declaring victory.  Freddie P fired the first shot and I opened a can of whoop ass on the grumpy old man late last night.  Today, Fred has conceded.

Check out Toronto Mike's website today. He responds to my postng from yesterday - Toronto Mike Is Happy.
Very eloquent, extremely fair and to be honest, inspirational. From now on I'm going to be a far nicer and more understanding Freddie P.
I'll attempt to drop the grumpy old man image and behave like most others in the country. I'll pretend I can't read between the lines and I'll bend over and freely take it where the sun don't shine.
Tomorrow I'm going to write about some canna lilies my wife and I plan to transplant.

This is a proud moment for me.  A bitter old man has seen the light and is embracing something as naturally beautiful as the canna lilly.  Remember, Fred, most cannas like a sunny position, but off-white flowering varieties prefer dappled shade. They respond well to applications of well-rotted cow manure, so keep shovelling the shit.

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