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All Summer Long


I've always liked Kid Rock.  In fact, I once took my mom to a Kid Rock concert. No other artist pulls off a hip hop track next to southern rock, right by a country-esque ballad.  Kid Rock has this ability to genre-jump like no other artist.

Take "All Summer Long", for example.  Last year around this time, a running buddy gave me a copy of Rock N Roll Jesus, and "All Summer Long" jumped out as the catchy pop hit of the album.  It's based on Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" and it's a damn fun listen.

This past summer "All Summer Long" received plenty of airplay, from rock stations, pop stations and country stations. Hell, yesterday morning I heard it on EZ Rock, the safest of the safe MOR stations in this city. Here are stations in Toronto that have likely played "All Summer Long".

  • EZ Rock
  • CHFI
  • Q107
  • Virgin 999
  • 97.7 HTZ
  • Y108
  • Any other pop / rock / country station in town I can't think of right now

I'll bet my buddy Freddie P at The Wolf in Peterborough played the crap out of this song.  It's been everywhere in the summer of 2008, making it the single of the summer.

Genre-bending cross-over hits like that are pretty cool.  When a pot-smoking, boozing, womanizing, hip-hip artist from Detroit gets played during John Tesh's show on EZ Rock, it's something very special.

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