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Yet Another Election


For the third time in four years, we've got a federal election.  Stephen Harper has dissolved Parliament and has called an election for October 14.

It's a shame we're going to the polls only a couple of weeks before our neighbours to the south as I fear Obama vs. McCain will hog most of our American-heavy media and water cooler chatter.  Let's face it, Obama is far more interesting than Stephane Dion.

Harper's Conservatives have formed a minority government for the past 31 months and he now believes he has a shot at a majority.  It will be awfully tough forming a majority while getting shut out of the entire city of Toronto, so my money is on another minority government for the Conservatives.

They say the majority likes Harper, but dislikes his party, while it's the opposite with the Liberals.  We like the party, but dislike Stephane Dion.  I see a new leader in the Liberal Party's future.

In my riding, I'm expecting a tight race between the incumbent NDP MP Peggy Nash and rising Liberal star Gerard Kennedy.  I'm betting we go red again after a brief tryst with Jack Layton's party.  Stay tuned, this thing is just getting started.

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