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The Great Milk Switcheroo


I've always loved milk.  It's pretty much been my drink of choice for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, we always had plenty of 2% milk in the fridge, so as an adult I stuck with what I knew.  Our house goes through 8 litres of milk a week.

This summer, my wife decided to pull the old milk switcheroo.  Instead of my usual 2% milk, she brought home 1% milk.  I poured myself a tall glass of this 1% stuff and gave it a go.  I swear, I couldn't tell the difference.

Now we're going through 8 litres of 1% milk each week. And yes, we've had a little chat about skim milk and I've put my foot down.  I can only hand a 1% reduction every 30 years or so.

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