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Teen Wolf Question


Not only did I catch Teen Wolf at the old Humber Odeon during its initial theatrical run, but we recorded it onto VHS when it played during a free preview of First Choice - Superchannel and watched it incessantly.  My brothers and I knew every line by heart and we lived for that final basketball scene when the Beavers win in the end.

Looking back all these years later, I'm curious about something.  Why wasn't there more of a reaction from spectators and players when Scott first became the wolf during a basketball game?  Sure, people got all quiet, but where was the screaming and mass hysteria?  Why weren't the police called in?  Shouldn't that unnatural occurrence have been a bigger deal?

Today, the department of Homeland Security would swoop in and arrest the wolf faster than you could say "Give me a keg of beer".  Here's Teen Wolf dominating in hoops.  Chubby even gets to eat an apple during the game.

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