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SOWNY Show With Humble and Fred


I'm not a radio insider, I'm just a fan of the medium.  I always have been.  Perhaps it has something to do with watching WKRP or all those nights as a kid listening to Blue Jays baseball on my old transistor radio.  As a fan of radio, especially Toronto radio, I'm always interested in what's new in this market, even when it applies to stations I don't listen to.

The big yellow board, officially known as The Southern Ontario/WNY Radio-TV Forum, is one place to check the pulse of radio in this city.  The Sowny Show with moderator Craig Smith and Don Andrews is a one hour live audio program in which they discuss what's new in radio and speak to guests.  Over the past six weeks they've spoke with both Humble Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson of the old Humble and Fred show, although they didn't appear together.  I know, the title of this entry is a little deceiving, but it got you reading this far!

They appeared on separate shows, but both were honest and insightful making for great insider radio content.  I didn't listen as a guy who knows them both personally, I listened as an old fan of their morning show and I thought it was awfully compelling.  You don't hear this kind of brutal honesty very often.

SOWNY, bless their hearts, makes it a little tough to actually hear this show.  Once I've navigated the 1997 frames, I'm never able to get that SOWNY Show player to actually work, so I've gone ahead and taken their MP3s and streamed them through my Odeo account.  Guys, before you get your knickers in a knot, realize that this is only going to let more ears hear your show and that's what it's all about.

Here's Humble's appearance from August 11.

Here's Fred's appearance from September 8.

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