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How Many Active Blogs Are There?

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I'm working on my basement for most of today. My plan is to make my basement a comfy, fully functional all-purpose room where I can throw the kids for hours on end.  Today I finish the ceiling before I do some painting and put down the new floor.

I just jumped online for a bit for an Ike update and to catch up on the blogs in my RSS feed.  I follow a couple of dozen blogs, all of which are updated quite regularly.  That got me wondering how many active blogs are out there.

I'm sure there are millions of blogs out there, but many are abandoned after a single entry, many more are abandoned shortly thereafter and many others are updated so infrequently they can't be labelled 'active'.  I consider an active blog one that's being updated at least two times a week.

In my family, there is no other blogger.  I can't think of many off-line friends with a blog.  Fred Patterson has an active blog and Humble updates his blog on a regular basis and a guy on my dodgeball team has a blog that he updates about twice a month but that's about it.  There are a handful of bloggers I've met through this site, but that's sort of like meeting fellow baseball fans at a Jays game.

This brings me to my original question.  How many active bloggers are there?  Last year, Technorati claimed there were 15.5 blogs updated within the previous 90 days.  However, Technorati also claimed the number of English language blogs were declining as bandwagon jumpers realized blogging wasn't for them.  As I search for an estimate as to how many active English-language blogs there are world-wide, in Canada and in the GTA I'm quickly discovering it's an exercise in frustration.

There are Blogger blogs and LiveJournal blogs and MySpace blogs and corporate blogs and self-hosted blogs and how many are indexed by Technorati and how many are active and... you get the picture.

Maybe you can help me with this.  I'm looking for estimated ranges for the following.  Throw me a comment if you have a clue.

  1. How many active English-language blogs are there in the world?
  2. How many active blogs are there in Canada?
  3. How many active blogs are there in the GTA?
  4. Are you an active blogger?  If yes, please throw your blog URL in the comments.
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