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This Must Be Just Like Livin' in Paradise


I've spent the week in a charming little cottage we rented in Meaford, Ontario.  It's right on the Georgian Bay which meant lots of swimming, trips in the paddle boat, hikes on the Georgian Trail, visits to Meaford, Thornbury and Owen Sound, a daily BBQ and a round of mini-golf at Memorial Park.

The best part was spending 24/7 with the kids.  James is becoming a gentle giant of sorts and Michelle is so damn smart I can't believe she's only starting junior kindergarten next month.  I know everyone thinks their kids are the best, but I sincerely believe these two angels are the greatest human beings on the face of this planet.  I'm sure your kids are great, but they ain't this great.

Vacations, or vacays as the kids now say, are funny.  By the time you slip into the comfy routine, it's over.

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