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Piece of Cake Theme in MP3: Toronto Mike Helps


I just received the following email from Ajax Mike.

I have a challenge for your Google-Fu.  Back in 1990 or thereabouts there was a British miniseries (originally on ITV) that ran on Masterpiece Theatre over here.  'Piece of Cake' was about a squadron of Spitfire pilots in the months before and during the Battle of Britain.  What I'm looking for, is the theme song.  I'm getting tons of false positives due to the common phrase that's used for the title.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  :)

I've never heard of "Piece of Cake", but a visit to paints a pretty picture.  It sounds like a series I would have enjoyed.

The message boards for the series are full of people, like Ajax Mike, looking for the theme song.  I quickly learnt  the music was composed and conducted by Peter Martin with The London Philharmonic Orchestra, but nobody seemed able to score an MP3.  Neither was I.

If anyone out there comes across this entry looking for a digital copy of the squadron song from "Piece of Cake" and then scores it elsewhere, send it my way and I'll hook up Ajax Mike.

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