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Pinery Provincial Park, where I've been camping the past few days, is right by Grand Bend, Ontario on Lake Huron.  To get there, I take the 401 West to about Kitchener and then Highway 8 toward Stratford.

I like to stop in on one of the many small towns on our way to and from Pinery and pretend I'm a local.  They all have a Main Street with a bank, a water tower, a church, a drug store, and usually, they have a Tim Hortons.  Today we stopped in Tavistock, Ontario.  As I just learnt from

Tavistock is a German/Scottish community founded in 1848 and famous for its cheese production and fresh meats.  Tavistock was founded in 1848 by Capt. Henry Eckstein on the boundary between Oxford and Perth Counties. It served as a gathering place for agricultural workers and soon became equipped with taverns, flour mills, blacksmith shops, general stores and small tradesmen.

If you're ever in Tavistock, tell 'em Tavistock Mike sent ya.

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