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Promoting my $75 HNIC Pledge


Sometimes things happen in the comments and people miss it.  Most visitors pop in, scan the latest entries and skedaddle.  Even though I link to an RSS feed for comments in the top right corner, I see only a handful have subscribed.

Four days ago I wrote about the Hockey Night in Canada theme song getting dropped by the CBC.  You can hear our second national anthem on that entry.  Since I wrote that, it's become official.  Kathleen broke the news in the comments of that entry and I made a pledge that I'm going to revisit right now.

From everything I've read, the CBC is complaining that the cost of airing the Hockey Night in Canada theme song is rising $75 a shot.  For the first two years of the agreement, the terms were to be "virtually identical to those that have existed for the past decade."  Then, after "the first two years of a new agreement, the rates would rise about 15 per cent".  All this bullshit and aggrevation is over an extra $75.

Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports, prick up your friggin' ears.  I'm not a wealthy man, but I promise to pay the CBC $75 every Saturday night so that my kids can hear that song open our Saturday night ritual.  Yes, it means that much to me.  I will cover the increase.

Please contact me to arrange payment.  I'm very, very serious about this offer.  I can't believe this is actually happening and I despise your idea to have a contest to replace a song that's so beloved by Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

It will be the best $75 I've ever spent.

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