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Johnny 5 Returns


I haven't thought much about Johnny 5 lately.  I was 12 years old when I first saw "Short Circuit" and I loved it.  The Stonecutters were right to make Steve Guttenberg a star.

The best part of "Short Circuit" was Johnny 5.  Johnny 5 was number 5 of a group of experimental robots in a lab who was electrocuted, suddenly became intelligent, and escaped.

There was a sequel, which wasn't as good even though it was shot in Toronto, but it's been about 20 years since I spent any time with Johnny 5.  Thanks to Pixar, that's all changing this summer.

Johnny 5 is everywhere, only now they're calling him WALL-E.  Trust me, "WALL-E" is simply a cleverly marketed "Short Circuit 3".  Here's Johnny 5...

Johnny 5

And here's WALL-E...


Johnny 5 is alive!

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