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It's My Birthday


If bloggage is a little slow today it's because I'm busy accepting well wishes.  It started when my wife brought me a steaming hot cup of coffee in bed, continued when the kids buried me in kisses and hugs and then I logged on to find this email from my mom in my inbox.

Just wanted to be the first outside of the household to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I love you very much. If I could go back to 10 o'clock on Thurs. June 27th 1974 I would in a heartbeat. Just a young girl who had virtually never held a newborn before. It changed my whole world. You were beautiful and so much fun and never ever cried. Dorothy said you were the happiest baby she had ever taken care of when she helped me out the following summer so I could take a course at U of T.

Happy Birthday to me!

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