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Blue Jays Dominance at First Base


Mick Doherty thinks the greatest single franchise position in baseball history is left field for the Boston Red Sox.  "Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski you know about. Before them came Duffy Lewis -- who would have made a bushel of All-Star Games had there been such a thing back then -- and after them came Jim Rice, Mike Greenwell and now Manny Ramirez, the latter who is also headed to the HOF".

Naturally, this question got me thinking about the strongest position in the history of the Toronto Blue Jays.  I believe it's first base, and commenter Magpie agrees.  From 1977 through 2007, here's how our first basemen stacked up against the league average for OPS.


Willie Upshaw, Fred McGriff, John Olerud and Carlos Delgado made for a nice run at 1B.  We've been blessed.

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