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The Dream NBA Finals: Lakers-Celtics


The NBA have their dream final.  The Boston Celtics knocked off the Detroit Pistons last night setting up a Celtics-Lakers final for the first time since 1987.  It will be the 11th time the Celtics and Lakers have met in the NBA finals.

Boston has dominated this rivalry, winning 8 out of 10, although the first was against the Minneapolis Lakers.  I wasn't around for those great match-ups in the 60s, but I was there for Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson in the 80s.  The Celtics currently lead in total championships with 16 to the Lakers' 14.

Expect to see lots of Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor, Bill Cousy, Jerry West, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kevin McHale, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robert Parish and James Worthy footage over the next week.  Heck, let's start right now.  This is, after all, a dream final.

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