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John saw Saint Ralph and got chills when Gord Downie sang "Hallelujah" at the end of the big race.  I know how John felt because I felt it too.  John followed up his chills the way everyone follows up these chills.  He Googled the song, hoping to hear it or buy it.

John quickly found my many entries on the song and requested the MP3 I share of the song.  I passed it on, as I always do, and received this great reply.

Dear Mike
I can't thank you enough.   Gord Downie's version give's me chills every time I hear it.   The film and the music must have had a big impact on you too.
Well, you may not realize it but you too are creating a lot of positive impact out in this world - and that's a truly wonderful choice.   You can't have any idea of how happy I am right now.   Not only because I can listen to this moving and inspiring music, but also what you do is just as inspiring.   Trust me on that point - it's way bigger than you can know.
Thanks again
John C
PS  I don't know if you are a "great Canadian" (I don't know what the qualifications for that are) but you are definitely in my book of great human beings.

If this blog can inspire just one person a day, mission accomplished.

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